10,000+ Song Titles: A Massive List of Titles to Inspire You

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Some of that spirit is bound to rub off on you. Do it the other way around. So many elements and figures are shrouded in mystery, that it not only sparks your curiosity , but also makes you think hard about the skill level one needs to figure out such mysteries.

Summary: Ebenezer Scrooge is rich beyond measure. Sadly, the only thing the old man is preoccupied with is turning money into more money, which leaves him roaming the streets alone, clenching his fists, yelling at workers, children and the less fortunate.

This never gets old. Would they congratulate you? Curious fact: This was one of the first commercially successful book series that spread digitally. By , Collins was the best-selling Kindle author of all time, with almost one third of the top highlights coming from her books. This instantly turns dark, as people seem to take inspiration in how Katniss broke the rules to make it possible for two people to win, instead of just one, and a rebellion dwells underneath the surface. If anything, these books show you that life is short.

Katniss and Peeta must fight for the ones they love, including each other, all the time. But fate sometimes throws more than one terrible blow, so when she ends up as a participant again, the stakes and her approach change. Curious fact: Cornelia Funke based Mo, one of the main characters of the book, on famous actor Brendan Fraser, whom she mailed a copy of the book, once it was established that a film would be produced.

He eventually fell in love with the book himself and ended up taking the role of Mo in the movie. Soon Meggie discovers that the perpetual presence of books in her life is no coincidence, as her father can make them come to life when reading out aloud. His past mistakes with this incredible ability slowly start to catch up with the family when the evil Capricorn Mo once freed resurfaces, bringing everyone into great danger.

PDF 10,000+ Song Titles: A Massive List of Titles to Inspire You

A book about books. You have to read it, to grasp it. A mere three years later the book was already believed to be a classic. Today it continuously sells , copies a year and is part of many school curriculums including yours truly, I did a thorough analysis and presentation of the book in 12th grade.

The Truth About Publishing | Ian Irvine | Author of Fantasy Books, Thrillers, Kids' Books

When he visits his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom, he meets the attractive, but cynical Jordan Baker, and soon finds out that the lavish lifestyle they all lead comes at many a terrible price, including infidelity, depression, alcoholism and identity crises. The mysterious millionaire owner of the mansion next door, Jay Gatsby, soon invites Nick to one of his extravagant parties, which Jay himself never attends.

When Nick discovers they all have a shared history of romance, including his cousin Daisy and Jay, he tries to help reunite two estranged lovers, which ends in disaster. Second, this is contrasted by the insane wealth the characters have amassed, though some un-earned or attained with illegal measures. John Watson, starting off with them meeting via a mutual friend and deciding to share the flat at B Baker Street, in order to save money. When a Scotland Yard messenger arrives and requests help with a new murder case, Watson eventually persuades Holmes to investigate the crime scene and Holmes invites him to tag along.

As the two analyze and interpret the odds and ends of the murder, the plot thickens and a second murder takes place. Do I need to explain this?

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How can you not be inspired by Sherlock Holmes? This is the ultimate piece of fiction writing to show you the value of deliberate practice , which combines effort with thorough feedback analysis to make you world-class at what you do. Instead, Clason wrote a series of informational pamphlets, to educate readers about personal finance issues. The other five parables are more singular in their nature and each hold one or two more lessons to be learned about building wealth.

  • Trial of Duncan Terig, alias Clerk, and Alexander Bane Macdonald for the Murder of Arthur Davis, Sergeant in General Guises Regiment of Foot.
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This is probably one of the most compelling personal finance books of all time, due to the power of storytelling. Setting the lessons in this ancient context and disguising them as life lessons from an old, rich man, makes them really seep into your brain.


So even if all you can do right now is take baby steps, by all means, take them. Title: Around the World in 80 Days. The idea is brought up, but dismissed by the characters as being too dangerous. Using mostly trains and steamboats, the two make new friends, face lots of setbacks, get lost, find each other again, and even gain an entire day which eventually helps them win the bet , returning to London at the same time, exactly 80 days later.

This is a book about possibility. Until Roger Bannister broke the four minute mark for running a mile in , people thought it was impossible for more than a decade. Anything is impossible, until one man or woman does it. Also, this book shows you the power of stakes. Curious fact: Drucker invented what would become the foundation of how we have been managing people for the past 50 years. Peter Drucker has kept it so short and to the point that you can read it in less than an hour. You can read this in 45 minutes and take notes as you go along, which makes it one of the most actionable books of all time.

I highly recommend listening to the audiobook, which is also 45 minutes long. Curious fact: About 2 weeks before the official launch, James made the book available to buy via the digital currency Bitcoin — exclusively.

25 Song Lyric Writing Ideas! (Songwriting 101)

Summary: The world as we know it is about to fade. A college degree no longer guarantees a safe career. People can publish their own books, make their own TV shows and release their own music. Gigantic industries disappear over night — and all of this is great news.

Now you can choose yourself. You can pick yourself.

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  5. James shows you how, both on the outside, and the inside. James is one of the most openly vulnerable human beings ever, and it makes you relate to him instantly.

    Not only will you be able to identify yourself with the book , but also laugh a lot — James is funny. If you feel out of control, this book will show you that the wheel of your life is in your hand. Steven Pressfield has written this with some tough love, and makes it a wake-up-call for artists.

    I like to think of Steven Pressfield as a friendly Spartan. Just as disciplined, but not out to kill you in any way. Curious fact: Long before writing the book, Sinek ventured to find his own why, because he was deeply unhappy, in spite of owning a very successful business. For years, Simon said down with his friends and friends of friends, 1-on-1, for several hours, workshopping their why with them. Only when he was asked to speak and share his idea in front of more and more people, did he start thinking about writing a book.

    It speaks to your heart. This is a much more sustainable way to find motivation in your work, which is what makes this book so helpful in finding motivation that lasts. Curious fact: In , Stephen Covey was at an event where most people were preoccupied with badmouthing Bill Clinton, who was running for president at the time. After winning the election, Bill Clinton called him a few months later, admitting he had read this book twice and wanted to incorporate the 7 habits into his presidency. By acquiring the first three habits, you switch to an independent mindset and take control of your life.

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