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Seeing these people talking openly about their queerness made me realize not just that I was gay, too, but that it was okay.

Art reveal for LGBTQ+ anthology PROUD!

I came out that afternoon, in one fell swoop. How I came to see love's variousness.

Within its walls I felt free to form a question that launched a personal metamorphosis: What exactly did I need to escape—why and how? To this day, Hemphill is an ancestor poet whose outspoken cultural activism unites the hopes of Black gay men all over this country. Somewhere along the way, though, I found the work of this Victorian poet who became a Jesuit priest, partly, it seems to cope with his attraction to men , and his beautiful, broken verses were so arresting and strange that I wanted to read everything he ever wrote. Love this book so much. The lid of a sarcophagus cracked open and the lesbian past leapt out, still breathing, still sexy.

My first play was inspired by Lister's diaries. I wrote a conference paper on her that got me my first book commission.

Art reveal for LGBTQ+ anthology PROUD! - LGBT YA reviews

Lister finally getting her moment in the spotlight in the HBO series Gentleman Jack fascinates and inspires me still. His visionary poems show me again how daring great writing can be, challenging our very sense of who we are. Not just their bodies, but something deeper.

Homosexuality & Romans 1: Controversy and Clarity

But yes, also, a thorough appreciation of their bodies in a way that invokes no shame. Myles, a poet, has a beautiful and dark way with words that soaks you in their world—and makes it your queer existence too. I understood that it was possible for a queer woman to write the madness of love, to strike the right words together and burn up the page. And I will , I thought. I will. Bechdel sculpts the marble of Story with the chisels of mystery, poetry, and myth.

Rereading it now, I thought, 'This is magic. A generation earlier, Delany had been a gay teenager living in the East Village with his best friend, family, and spouse, the poet Marilyn Hacker. A couple of years ago, when I read part of it to my year-old daughter, I discovered that now we live next door to the building where Delany grew up in Harlem. My Tender Matador , his only novel, tells an unlikely love story between an aging drag queen and a straight revolutionary. For a long time, I had no idea.

And without Women' s equally confused, struggling narrator, I might not have known such a seemingly monumental shift in self-identity was possible so 'late' in life. As a teenager, I found her in an anthology of women poets. The poems had such a finely-crafted ferocity and vivid, captivating presence. This carries through her essays, too, which feel like urgent, candid conversations with an exceptionally smart companion and gifted teacher. The book, which collects the oral histories of Black gay southerners, was both revelatory and affirming.

Reading about the lives of elderly Black men who lived bold, complicated lives helped me locate myself in an under-appreciated tradition. It felt like meeting family I didn't know I had. Black queer southerners are varied, exquisite, and legion. Though conversations about the LGBT community rarely center people who aren't white or living in cities like New York or Los Angeles, Sweet Tea reminds us that we have family everywhere and would do well to embrace them.

Like John Rechy and Samuel R. Delany, Smukler took dirty queer sex as the subject of serious literary investigation, for which I will be forever grateful. In House Rules , she spins the story of a year-old lesbian making her way through the equestrian horse show circuit. A horrifying marvel. I stashed the book behind some accounting texts so I could find it on my next library visit.

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Compelling writing not only gives life to the author's story, but can help give voice to the readers' stories as well. Along with other trailblazing trans writers, Boylan's works have helped construct the language of the modern community and movement and, in doing so, have laid the foundation for progress.

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I searched for pasts, for futures, for self. And I found them in Joseph Beams's metamorphic anthology, In the Life , which affirmed what I knew to be true—that Black queer and trans people are worthy of pages upon pages of exploration and testimony. Merrill's childhood had been terrible in many ways, but he described a youth without the misery I had so often found in writings by and about young gay people.

Instead, his memoir is sparkly, elegant, full of anecdotes and travels and jokes. WHAT did gay liberation do for gay cinema?

Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

To begin to tackle this question, one has to survey the shadowy history of on-screen homosexuality, consider the elusive notion of a gay sensibility and — as with all minority-group debates — weigh the conflicting ideological positions on difference and assimilation. But while there may be no easy answer, the coincidental appearance this week of two gay-theme events in New York repertory houses provides a window into the evolution of gay cinema, both in the shadow of liberation politics and far beyond it. It was a milestone in the developing public image of the gay-rights movement. But gay and gay-friendly filmmakers were never exactly mute, nor have they all opted to speak in the same ways.

The overall picture that emerges from the series is of a queer cinema that is barely, if at all, concerned with the problems of representation and the burdens of identity politics, and that has never been shy to speak its name.

50 Unapologetically Queer Authors Share the Best LGBTQ Books of All Time

But there was a time, and a political context, not so long ago when the formation of a gay self-image was vitally important. The project was initiated by the San Francisco documentarian Peter Adair, who with his sister Nancy took the first step of interviewing their gay friends on videotape.

Realizing there was potential for a feature, they brought on Mr. All six shared directing credit as the Mariposa Film Group. In recruiting his collaborators Mr. Adair who died in was careful to maintain the gender balance.


Thomas Waugh, a professor of film studies at Concordia University in Montreal who has written extensively on gay cinema, stressed the significance of this collective approach. Waugh said via e-mail. Selver said. View all New York Times newsletters.

This diversity emerged gradually. But the directness and immediacy of its testimonials also lend it a timeless quality.