Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation

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Salient Features Proven advice to empower development organizations to save time by mirroring others' experiences and save money by avoiding others' mistakes Insightful case studies from a wide variety of domains, including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, insurance, technology, and telecommunications Focuses on the basic issues, rather then technology trends, to give the book a long shelf life About the Author Dorothy Graham is a world-renowned consultant, speaker, and author with nearly forty years of experience in software testing.

Imprint Pearson Education India. Frequently Bought Together. Making a shift left with your testing? Need a UK test partner to help you make an impact? Let us help you transform your testing strategy Talk to us. Global software testing company focused on digital enablement. Inspired Testing in numbers.

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Technology Services. Software Quality Assurance. Software Test Automation. Performance Testing.

Inspired Testing helped Jimmy Choo to ensure that they were adopting latest best practise to optimise customer experience. Applications and systems have grown ever larger and more complex, and manual testing simply cannot keep up.

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As technology changes, and more organizations move into agile development, testing must adapt—and quickly. Test automation is essential, but poor automation is wasteful—how do you know where your efforts will take you? Now, in Experiences of Test Automation, they reveal test automation at work in a wide spectrum of organizations and projects, from complex government systems to medical devices, SAP business process development to Android mobile apps and cloud migrations.

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This book addresses both management and technical issues, describing failures and successes, brilliant ideas and disastrous decisions and, above all, offers specific lessons you can use. How management support can make or break successful automation.

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The importance of a good testware architecture and abstraction levels. Management issues, including skills, planning, scope, and expectations. The importance of standards, communication, documentation, and flexibility in enterprise-wide automation. Which tests to automate, and what not to automate. Hidden costs of automation: maintenance and failure analysis.

Highlights, consisting of lessons learned, good points, and helpful tips. This comprehensive tome is the first of its kind to take the reader deep into the world of automated testing, as depicted by case studies that show the realities of what happened across a multitude of projects spanning a wide variety of industries and technology environments.

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By identifying similarities and repeated themes, the authors help the reader focus on the essential learning lessons and pitfalls to avoid. Read this book cover to cover for inspiration and a realization of what it takes to ultimately succeed in test automation.

This is an excellent, highly practical book with many well-documented case studies from a wide range of perspectives.

Highly recommended to all those involved, or thinking about getting involved, in test automation. And that is something you will not get in a conference. This is a very useful book for anyone who needs the evidence to show managers and colleagues what works—and what does not work—on the automation journey. It proceeds to provide many lifetimes worth of experience in this field, from a wide variety of situations. It will help you use automated testing for the right reasons, in a way that suits your organization and project, while avoiding the various pitfalls.