Ghost Investigator Volume 2: From Gettysburg, PA to Lizzie Borden, AX

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A Pennsylvania tavern is haunted by a mobster who was gunned down there 81 years ago; paranormal investigators hear entities cry, "Let me out," on haunted Mount Misery Road in New York; the caretakers at an arts center that was once a hospital experience "phantom smells" in the old psych ward. S3, Ep6. A woman taking pictures of her fireplace discovers the ghosts of her relatives in the photos of the flaming logs; visitors come across paranormal activity at the Lizzie Borden house; flying objects terrify a restaurant manager, causing him to lose his hair.

S3, Ep7. Video of an orb flying around the a room is captured at a Colorado mansion; at least six different spirits haunt an Arkansas house; a Missouri house has an underground tunnel filled with unspeakable sights; crew members on a U. Navy ship report seeing the spirits of people who died from natural disasters and epidemics. S3, Ep8. A man lives in a home haunted by the angry spirit of his father; after moving into her new home, an Iraq war veteran hears strange whispers in her ear and is touched while asleep; a tour guide at an Illinois bed and breakfast is terrified when she captures the spirit of the deceased owner in a photo.

S3, Ep9. A paranormal investigator captures a full body apparition; a woman takes over a property without knowing it's filled with child spirits and a silent monk; the ghosts of miners killed in an explosion over a century ago inhabit a Virginia cemetery; the owner of a Texas restaurant believes it's haunted by the spirit of her dead son; and ghosts emerge with a vengeance in a Virginia home.

S3, Ep The historic Palmyra is haunted by a mother and her six children who died there in a fire two days before Christmas over years ago; a Texas hotel is home to the famous ghostly "man on the stairs"; ghost children appear as orbs in Christmas pictures taken at a Pennsylvania home; a dog follows his dead mistress's spirit around a California house.

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New and terrifying true cases: New York Babysitters are driven from a house by an evil presence. An old farmhouse is a portal for restless spirits. Who walks the halls of a former home for elderly ladies? Music students practice with the dead. Pennsylvania The ghosts of vicious criminals are still locked within the walls of an abandoned prison in Philadelphia. Gettysburg—t New and terrifying true cases: New York Babysitters are driven from a house by an evil presence.

Gettysburg—the most haunted place in the country?

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Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published October 1st by Eagle Press first published September 16th The authors read their work and share their personal stories in interviews. Thank you to Grey Matter Press for supporting the event and sponsoring the show. Gaylen shares a personal part of her childhood as she describes an encounter with a veiled creature whom she refers to as the Boogeyman.

It nearly took her sister and almost killed her. We bring you two of her collected ghost stories, recorded by our voice actors: The Reflection and The Whisper Men. Gaylen warns of a terrible reality that we defy through denial.

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Believe her. Children are in danger. There are monsters in your closet.

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You deny it to feel safe, but you are only blinding yourself to the truth. And there are monster hunters. She joins hosts T. Gaylen has been seeing ghosts since she was a child, even hunted by a monster. She has a unique point of view on the supernatural. Yes, there is something hiding in the closet. The dead are always watching you, even if you cannot see them.

Fox Dunham and filmmaker Phil Thomas return once again to invite you to look into their dark world. They open with a ghost story from show fan, Jess G. The hosts play an encore of the entire story and finally reveal its horrific ending. David Walton returns with an old British folksong, Poverty Knocks.

You are. Humans are obsessed with the end of the world. Many times in history has some prophet predicted the apocalypse, and yet history continues. Fox Dunham discuss the many ways the end might have come and why people find the idea exciting. Fox Dunham joins the readers this week with his apocalyptic tale about the AIDS epidemic in Africa—a true world ending event for the people there.

Demonic Dolls for sale on ebay, ghost meter verified! Fans are obsessed with haunted objects—the natural combination of material culture and ghost stories. David Walton, our British folksinger, tells another story of Devon, England—a dark tale of a malevolent spirit haunting the land in The Demon of Spreyton. To finish off this talented cadre, musician and political activities Michael Garrett, composer of the show theme music, comes on the show to talk about the new protest-music of his Indie band, Modern Architecture. We play his song, Protest Arson.

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  7. Are your dolls haunted? You can get a good price online! This evil Easter bunny steals your candy and eats your spleen. Horror authors T.

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    He finishes this story with a gorgeous melody he composed to celebrate this traditional British horror folktale. Phil updates the fans on his cinematic progress with a new short film called Doppelganger. Clown News returns with reports of a verified terrorist clown sighting in Pittsburgh and news of the good clowns who gather at a London church to pray and celebrate their gift of making children happy.

    John C. Come see if they make it out alive! Celebrating the rich tradition of Irish ghost stories, horror authors T. Stories of the coach of death, banshees, lost ladies in white and old soldiers still seeking revenge, plus many more. Ireland is a dangerous place for the living! Episode 39 is a treasury of great Irish folktales to chill you, revising some of the content from Episode Banshees but with 40 minutes of new content.

    British Folksinger enchants by singing the haunting Irish melody, Molly or Alive Alive-o, and the show finishes with one last Irish ghost story. Haunted Neurotic www. We might all be insane and haunted. Founder of Women in Horror Month and filmmaker Hannah Neurotica returns for her profile interview to talk about her love of horror and how she has to fight mental illness so she can create.

    Fox Dunham to talk about her writing as we continue to celebrate Women in Horror Month. Her novella, The Box Jumper —a historical fiction about the great Harry Houdini—was awarded best novella of the year by This is Horror.

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    We also feature part one of an interview with Hannah Neurotica, founder of Women in Horror Month , discussing the motivations behind her movement. Phil discusses his new movie, The Following Man , now available through the website indiefilm area. Join us as we drive an ax into old horror prejudices and provide you with some fantastic darkness, writing wisdom and magical entertainment.

    Lynne Hansen , filmmaker, is on the show tonight to share her wisdom and experience as a horror cinematic genius. She shares the mic with us as we talk about her famed film projects such as the award winning short, CHOMP. Lynne shares two stories with us: a paranormal encounter on the Queen Mary and a dark story called Alone.