Going it Alone?: Lone Motherhood in Late Modernity

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It was the converging of all four of these elements, and the text below will connect the elements by putting the words in parentheses. Before Hurricane Katrina environment hit, poorly coordinated evacuation efforts had left about 25 percent of the population, almost entirely African Americans who lacked private transportation, to suffer the consequences of the coming storm demographics. No public transportation was provided, drinking water and communications were delayed, and FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency institutions , was headed by an appointee with no real experience in emergency management.

Those who were eventually evacuated did not know where they were being sent or how to contact family members.

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African Americans were sent the farthest from their homes. When the displaced began to return, public housing had not been reestablished, yet the Superdome stadium, which had served as a temporary disaster shelter, had been rebuilt. Homeowners received financial support, but renters did not. And with that clean sheet we have some very big opportunities. Public housing was seriously reduced and the poor were forced out altogether or into the suburbs far from medical and other facilities The Advocate Finally, by relocating African Americans and changing the ratio of African Americans to whites, New Orleans changed its entire demographic makeup.

Modernization describes the processes that increase the amount of specialization and differentiation of structure in societies resulting in the move from an undeveloped society to developed, technologically driven society Irwin By this definition, the level of modernity within a society is judged by the sophistication of its technology, particularly as it relates to infrastructure, industry, and the like.

However, it is important to note the inherent ethnocentric bias of such assessment.

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Why do we assume that those living in semi-peripheral and peripheral nations would find it so wonderful to become more like the core nations? Is modernization always positive? One contradiction of all kinds of technology is that they often promise time-saving benefits, but somehow fail to deliver. How many times have you ground your teeth in frustration at an Internet site that refused to load or at a dropped call on your cell phone?

Despite time-saving devices such as dishwashers, washing machines, and, now, remote control vacuum cleaners, the average amount of time spent on housework is the same today as it was fifty years ago. While once businesses had to travel at the speed of the U. Further, the Internet bought us information, but at a cost. The morass of information means that there is as much poor information available as trustworthy sources. There is a delicate line to walk when core nations seek to bring the assumed benefits of modernization to more traditional cultures.

For one, there are obvious procapitalist biases that go into such attempts, and it is short-sighted for western governments and social scientists to assume all other countries aspire to follow in their footsteps.

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Additionally, there can be a kind of neo-liberal defense of rural cultures, ignoring the often crushing poverty and diseases that exist in peripheral nations and focusing only on a nostalgic mythology of the happy peasant. It takes a very careful hand to understand both the need for cultural identity and preservation as well as the hopes for future growth.

Children in peripheral nations have little to no daily access to computers and the Internet, while children in core nations are constantly exposed to this technology.

This is an example of:. When sociologists think about technology as an agent of social change, which of the following is not an example? China is undergoing a shift in industry, increasing labor specialization and the amount of differentiation present in the social structure. This exemplifies:. Core nations that work to propel peripheral nations toward modernization need to be aware of:.

Show Glossary. Skip to main content. Module Social Movements, Media, and Technology. Search for:. Reading: Social Change and Modernization Collective behavior and social movements are just two of the forces driving social change , which is the change in society created through social movements as well as external factors like environmental shifts or technological innovations.

Essentially, any disruptive shift in the status quo, be it intentional or random, human-caused or natural, can lead to social change. Below are some of the likely causes. Crowdsourcing: Using the Web to Get Things Done Millions of people today walk around with their heads tilted toward a small device held in their hands. The Story of Megan Meier According to the Megan Meier Foundation web site a , Megan Meier had a lifelong struggle with weight, attention deficit disorder, and depression. Hurricane Katrina: When It All Comes Together The four key elements that affect social change that are described in this chapter are the environment, technology, social institutions, and population.

How would technology have changed it? Would change have come more quickly or more slowly? Defend your opinion. Discuss the digital divide in the context of modernization. Is there a real concern that poorer communities are lacking in technology? Why, or why not? Reviews 'This is a highly scholarly book that deals with an urgent issue of our time. It interweaves contemporary social theory with differentiated meanings, understandings and experiences of state-dependent lone mothers in Britain and Germany. The pioneers, copers and strugglers are compelling images that remain long after the book is closed.

The comparisons made between East and West Berlin and London made for new ways of thinking about the negotiation of lone motherhood in two different welfare states and the public discourses that go alongside them. The author demonstrates that lone motherhood cannot be constructed only as a social problem, but rather should be seen as a potentially liberating experience Request an e-inspection copy.

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Share this Title. Recommend to Librarian. Shopping Cart Summary. Items Subtotal. View Cart. Offline Computer — Download Bookshelf software to your desktop so you can view your eBooks with or without Internet access. When they did go out it was required that they had to wear an all-covering burqa. Under these restrictions, women were denied formal education.

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  • During the Taliban's five-year rule, women in Afghanistan were essentially put under house arrest. Some women who once held respectable positions were forced to wander the streets in their burqas selling everything they owned or begging in order to survive.

    Going it alone? : lone motherhood in late modernity

    The United Nations refused to recognize the Taliban government, with the United States imposing heavy sanctions on them, similar as those placed on North Korea. This led to extreme hardship on all the citizens of Afghanistan.

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    Because most teachers had been women before the Taliban regime, the new restrictions on women's employment created a huge lack of teachers, which put an immense strain on the education of both boys and girls. Although women were banned from most jobs, including teaching, some women in the medical field were allowed to continue working.

    Even when a woman was able to make it to a hospital she had no guarantee that she would be seen by a doctor. Women were not banned from driving unlike Saudi Arabia. Several Taliban and Al-Qaeda commanders ran a network of human trafficking, abducting women and selling them into forced prostitution and slavery in Pakistan. The behavior of the Taliban during the six years they expanded their rule in Afghanistan made a mockery of that claim. In late , a new government under Hamid Karzai was formed by the United Nations, which includes women like in pres Afghanistan.

    Some of the rules state that "women should not travel without a male guardian and should not mingle with strange men in places such as schools, markets and offices. The overall situation for Afghan women has improved in the last decade, particularly in the major urban areas, but those living in rural parts of the country still face many problems. In , a female Indian author Sushmita Banerjee was killed in Paktika province by militants for allegedly defying Taliban diktats. She was married to an Afghan businessman and had recently relocated to Afghanistan.

    Earlier she had escaped two instances of execution by the Taliban in and later fled to India.