How Can I Get A Life? Couchsurfing, Enjoy The Ride

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At our hostel in Stockholm, we were greeted by a Kiwi working the front desk the chick who checked us out the following morning was Australian, go figure.


Needless to say, we were pumped, hoping to see elk and huskies, frozen lakes and sleds. We jumped off the train in Kiruna, and have a guess as to what we both heard: an Aussie accent. These guys were phenomenal hosts. They spent heaps of time with us, drove us around, told us where to go and what to see, shared their home with us as if we were roommates that had been there forever.

We spent a lot of time hanging out at their place, since the sun was gone by three in the afternoon.

How Can I Get A Life Couchsurfing Enjoy The Ride by Bill Sadler

We used their Nintendo 64 and played guitar together, had dinner and played cards like a little temporary family. Our host made us a special Reindeer stew — a local specialty — and we cooked up killer nachos. We hiked for hours through the snow, along tracks that led from their backyard, and I walked alone in the middle of a frozen lake; feeling like the only person in the world, relishing the silence.

The relaxed travelling we undertook in Sweden was perfect. We let couchsurfing decide our destinations, and boy did we save a tonne of cash. New friends, new experiences and new places to go are all there for the taking, and totally free! The couchsurfing community is kind and generous, and definitely has good advice on how to take in a spot and love it like the locals do. Are you travelling to multiple countries over the next few months? Looking to share your story and get a little extra pocket money?

Apply to become a Travltalk contributor now! Your email address will not be published. Gemma Shipley. It might be time to change up your travel tactics. Click To Tweet Still, you want to be careful and practice due diligence. There is no monetary exchange in CouchSurfing for being hosted. If a host charges you for staying with them, they risk being kicked out of the network, and you should report them.

Using TINDER to Live in Europe FOR FREE - Yes Theory

It is accepted, however, for a surfer to offer reimbursement for food or other goods consumed. These donations provide the income stream for CouchSurfing to maintain their site and hire developers and other employees. I want to stress something that I feel is important before I get too far into this. Yes, this is a personal finance blog.


And, yes, CouchSurfing is free and a way to save a lot of money while traveling. CouchSurfing is a social network that gives you the unique opportunity to meet really great people from all over the world in their element when you surf or in your element when you host. The interaction is a key element that you should enjoy. Why not build your social network nationally, or internationally, if you have the chance?

Why sleep in your car when there are zero hotels within hundreds of miles of you when there is someone who will gladly offer up a place for you to stay for a night? When choosing your hosting availability status, you have the following options:. CouchSurfing does a great job of providing security measures to promote safety:.

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Check out the CouchSurfing safety page for more tips. Beyond hosting and surfing, CouchSurfing members will often arrange and invite other couch surfers to local network events. Here, you can interact, share stories, and build your network. Couchsurfing tends to attract a certain personality, so it is an opportunity to meet others locally whose company you may enjoy.

As promised, in an upcoming follow-up to this post, I will highlight the details of my first CouchSurfing experience and how it worked.

I Couch-Surfed Across America—and Lived to Tell

Be careful, if you give CouchSurfing a shot, it might just change the way you think about traveling. Whenever I go on long trips I almost always couch surf at least part of the way. It really does make for a more enjoyable trip.

You really feel like you experience the area more from the eyes of people who live there, vs. Yeah, I just had an aunt come by with her husband on their Harley Davidsons and they said they were staying for one night — they ended up staying for three nights, and now I want to get my couches steam cleaned. The whole network thing sounds awesome though!

What is CouchSurfing?

Hosting and surfing provide unique opportunities for socialization and exploration. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their travel experience. Solo female- couchsurfed through Italy two summers ago and had a great time and made lasting friendships.

Some hosts even gave me a spare key! Home cooked meals were a regular experience. Nothing beats wo- no 5 star restaurant could ever beat that experience for me. Couchsurfing is probably the best site for travelers. Out of the 2 million members, and over 10 million positive experience, you have 4 stories.

I am a frugal person, and a surfer, and its been an awesome experience.

And honestly, you risk more by staying in a dorm in a hostel then by couch surfing. Like the other poster said, the very small percentage of negative experiences is far outweighed by the positive ones.

My husband and i have been so more than happy that Jordan managed to carry out his survey by way of the precious recommendations he gained from your web site. And we also figure out we now have the writer to appreciate for this. Thanks for the whole lot! It promotes community and helps people learn and understand the diversity of life. My almost 21 year old son and a friend are going to be playing some small music venues over spring break.