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Mars facts. Here's what you need to know about the red planet Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun It is named after the Roman god of war The landmass of Mars is very similar to Earth but due to the difference in gravity you could jump three times higher there than you can here Mars is mountainous and hosts the tallest mountain known in the Solar System called Olympus Mons, which is three times higher than Everest Mars is considered to be the second most habitable planet after Earth It takes the planet Earth days to orbit the Sun So far, there has been 39 missions to Mars but only 16 of these have been successful.

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Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Children worldwide unite in global climate strike Erna Solberg. Tommy Remengesau, Jr. These reductions could amount to This figure is greater than the current emissions from all coal-fired power plants worldwide.

These are the key figures from a new report released today, commissioned by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy composed of 14 prime ministers and presidents, which we are proud to chair.

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It demonstrates in detail, for the first time, how a sustainable ocean economy could play a much bigger role than we previously thought in shrinking our carbon footprint, achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the UN in Climate Action Summit in New York today. The call presents a list of five actions we can take to boost ocean health and mitigate the climate crisis.

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The first thing we should do is scale up ocean-based renewable energy such as offshore wind turbines and new technologies to harness the energy of waves and tides. As an alternative to fossil fuels, this has the potential to cut the most emissions -- as much as 5.

That's the equivalent of taking over a billion cars off the road for a year. We also need to ramp up our ambitions to decarbonize shipping and marine transport; fortunately, many of the solutions to do this already exist.

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It is also crucial to protect and restore mangroves, seagrasses, salt marshes, and other coastal and marine ecosystems that face a huge threat from over-development. Doing so would prevent significant quantities of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere by increasing nature's capacity to sequester carbon.

kervinito.ga Additionally, developing low-carbon sources of protein from the ocean -- like seafood, seaweeds and kelp -- can provide a healthy and sustainable diet for future populations while easing emissions from land-based food production. Young people offer urgent moral clarity to do-nothing adults. We have the available tools to start implementing these ocean-based climate actions now.

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