Repentance: The Power of Forgiveness Vol.I

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Conditional Forgiveness Is Taught by Many Christian Authors and Theologians | A Brick in the Valley

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Sun Myung Moon:

Speaking Out. How the American pastor handled a crisis of faith during his Turkish imprisonment. Forgiving the Unrepentant. From this viewpoint, you must criticize and analyze yourselves. Are you like that? This is a great thing, and this is the knack of how to become a godlike man.

You can claim to be a good person but once you commit some kind of mistake you must beg forgiveness from the person you have wronged or from those associated with him. Otherwise you will not be forgiven. You single people must keep your purity and give your heart to God first. You who have committed earthly sins such as lustful acts need to repent and work out the entanglements of your life. You will be forgiven if you repent and forever leave behind those ideas; only as a purified person can you be admitted to the Kingdom of God. Without purification you are incapable of receiving God's pure love.

You must believe that persecution is a beautiful way of going through many things. In the midst of the worst persecution, not only your own sins are forgiven, but also the sins of the person who persecutes you may be forgiven in a certain way, and you can receive further blessing for that. This principle is universal and brings all manner of result everywhere.

If you just bury some anger in your heart without apologizing or speaking out to resolve it, then it will multiply as resentment and remain within you forever. In every area of human relationships you must not try to cover everything over and persevere with resentment still growing in your heart. You must take it out and analyze it and one of the two must apologize to the other or make some compensation.

Concerning Repentance (Book I)

If someone has prayed tears for a person, then it might be excusable for him to offhandedly say that a person deserves some retribution, but if he has never shed tears, then he must never denounce even an evil person. Otherwise, he will be racing straight down to the lowest realm of spirit world. Do not condemn anyone. Man's fallen history has been prolonged because of that attitude.

Forgiving the Unrepentant

When we have a good and loving mind toward even an evil man, God will certainly bring a positive result. You are distributing God's blessing to everyone, and if an evil man makes even a small condition of goodness, you want to give him much blessing as well. The gratitude felt by unforgivable people when they are forgiven is much greater than that felt by those who are forgivable. In my heart I want to forgive even Satan after everything is restored. Jesus prayed for his enemies: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

His very last act was motivated by his love for his enemies. He was the supreme form of giving -- a paragon of love. The example of Jesus Christ is the absolute standard for all mankind.

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Jacob's youngest son, Joseph, was hated by his elder brothers. They tried to kill him, but couldn't because he was their brother. Instead, they sold him to the Ishmaelite merchants, who took him to Egypt. After many years, famine came and Jacob's family had to move to Egypt. At that time Joseph met his older brothers who wept because they had done such evil against wept because they had done such evil against their brother. Then Joseph said to them, "It wasn't you who sold me into slavery, but God.

He made you sell me to the Ishmaelites to prepare me for this time, because He knew that our family would go through starvation. I was made captive through my brothers in order to lay the foundation to receive my family in Egypt. This is a good example for us. If he had hated his brothers then what would have happened?

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Jacob's family could not have stayed in Egypt and built the nation of Israel. Joseph's heart is a good example for us all. We may encounter difficulties but they will never be as bad as those Joseph faced. Joseph had such a heart that he could forgive his elder brothers who were actually his enemies because they tried to kill him.

He forgave them and subjugated them with his heart of love. In the same way, among ourselves, I or some other brother or sister might have done something wrong to other members. In that case, the injured one also must have the heart of Joseph and then there will be nothing he cannot forgive. All this goes against the grain of our culture today where the highest value is seen to be acceptance and affirmation of the choices one makes about oneself. The Western cultural elite have established a new orthodoxy, a new legalism which maintains that what we choose for ourselves for our own personal fulfillment is nobody else's business.

They say that God has made us the way we are and as long as we do not hurt someone else we are free to become whatever we would like to be. If you don't affirm us and our lifestyle you are demeaning us. We are reminded of Jesus' words, "Judge not, lest you be judged How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is plank in your own eye? He told the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees who accused a woman of adultery, "If any of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.