Second Chances

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20 Quotes About Second Chances That Will Make You Stop and Think

Once a flight has been confirmed we will send you the information on pick up and get you ready for your new potential companion. After pick up you will get a week adoption trial to ensure a good fit. Foster Process Got extra times, love and care? The duplicate claims to be Will Riker.

He says that eight years ago he led a team to evacuate this station. He did not return to the Potemkin like the others because he was the last one out and the distortion field must have interfered with the transport. They lost the signal lock on him, and when he tried to contact the ship, he couldn't get through the interference. He asks them to check with Starfleet to confirm that he was lost that day. Commander Riker, however, tells him that this is not what had happened.

He says that in fact he himself was the last one out and that he made it back to the Potemkin. To be fair, he doesn't see how both stories can be true. He wants Doctor Crusher to check him out to verify his identity.

In sickbay , Crusher informs the captain that genetically , this man is indistinguishable from Commander Riker. Since there is no evidence of genetic drift, she excludes cloning as a possible explanation. She even compares their brain scans, for brain organization patterns are as unique as fingerprints, and with only a few minor differences, she claims that they are identical. She states that brain patterns cannot be cloned either, because they are determined by experience — mostly from early childhood. Captain Picard wonders how two grown men can share the same childhood experiences.

The second Will Riker responds by insisting that he in fact is William Riker. He doesn't know who or what beamed back to the Potemkin that day but it was not him. Picard informs him that his chief engineer is checking the transporter logs of the Potemkin with the hope that it will shed some light onto the matter. In the meanwhile, he suggests that Lieutenant Riker make himself comfortable in the quarters he's been provided with. After examining the transporter logs, Geordi La Forge informs the crew that apparently there was a massive energy surge in the distortion field around the planet just at the moment Riker tried to beam out.

The transporter chief at that time tried to compensate by initiating a second containment beam. However, Commander Riker's pattern maintained its integrity by just the one containment beam. And even though the second beam was shut down, somehow it was reflected back to the surface, and another William Riker materialized there. The containment beam must have had the exact same phase differential as the distortion field — hence the two identical Rikers — they both rematerialized from a complete pattern and are identical.

Second Chances by Pat Smith

Both of them, it seems, are the 'real' William T. The only difference between them, as Picard notes, is that they led very different lives for the past eight years and thus are very different people. He compares it to meeting one's twin and as strange as it may seem, he states that they now have two Will Rikers on board and they should do whatever they can to make Lt. Riker feel comfortable and welcome. Commander Riker points out that they still have the problem of retrieving the database.

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Many of the station's components have been removed by Lt. Riker to facilitate his survival and they do not know what he did and what he changed. Picard suggests that maybe he could help them, but Dr. Crusher objects by stating that he has been alone there for a long time and that she is hesitant to let him go back until he has been fully evaluated.

So, Troi suggests that she should talk to him. When she goes to see Lt. Riker, he is so happy to see her that he greets her by passionately kissing and hugging her, as to him, the past eight years had not happened.

20 Quotes about Second Chances that Will Make You Stop and Think

She tells him that they need to talk. At first he assumes she and the commander are together which would explain her presence on board, but she informs him that Commander Riker and she are close friends now and nothing more. The last time they saw each other, according to this Riker's memory, was at Janaran Falls on Betazed — the day before he started his tour on the Potemkin. Riker recalls that they were going to meet on Risa six weeks later.

Troi interrupts and tells him that meeting ended up not happening. She tells him that Cmdr. Riker earned a promotion very quickly because, as Lt. Riker read in the commander's service record, of the commendation he received for the Nervala IV mission and chose to make his career a priority. There wasn't much time for anything else. They kept in touch, says Troi, but they didn't see each other again until they were both posted on the Enterprise two years later. By then, however, their feelings for each other had changed.

Finale, Part 1: Setting The Stage

They have now been serving together for six years but things never went back to the way they used to be. Riker tells her that he had a lot of time on his hands down on that station, being mostly lonely and thinking of her. He tells her that the only way he made it through was the hope of seeing her again. He says that even though he knows that her feelings have changed, his have not.

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He can't just give up, he wants to be with her again. Troi is a little taken aback by this, wishing him a good night before she leaves. Riker and team are waiting in the transporter room on Lt.