Slave & Lover: A Novella

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She also kept bringing up personal and vulnerable topics with the hero while in the presence of others. Privacy anyone? Oh and the cherry on the cake was that this supposed sex therapist had her own untreated sexual trauma, a fact that makes you project your own problems on your patients and therefore makes you a bad therapist. The big trauma was that she was deflowered at 24? And 5 years later she was still all shaken up about it. Booo fucking hoo! Argh, this book had me rolling my eyes constantly. The dialogues and inner monologues at times seemed to be competing for the prize of 'cheesiest lines ever'.

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If it wasn't for my compulsion to finish stuff I started and the fact that I wanted to know what the Kenyon-fuss was about, I would have thrown the book out. No, maybe ritually burnt it.

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I'm told that the Dark Hunter series is good so I'm actually willing to spend money on the second book. I hope I won't be sorry View all comments. Nov 06, Beth rated it really liked it Recommends it for: anyone who doesn't feel the need to take romance novels seriously. Shelves: time-travel , , i-reviewed-this-bad-boy , pnr , humor , its-greek-to-me , love-slave. Gorgeous man, yes. Sexual tension, for sure.

Virtue in Oroonoko (The Royal Slave) by Aphra Behn Essay | Bartleby

Hot sex, hell yeah. But comedy?

Who knew?!? His mother was Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love. Has killer blue eyes. And big muscles. When Julian was 32, he seduced a virgin he had no business seducing and was cursed to spend eternity as a love slave. And what, pray tell, is a love slave? A love slave exists solely to pleasure whatever woman summons him to her secret chambers. From one full moon to the next, Julian fulfills his masters every sexual fantasy.

For an entire month, he is compelled to want her. To crave her pleasure. Except the gods seem to have taken away his ability to have an orgasm. Poor thing. Despite these odds, she is a sex therapist. At the start of the book, she admits that she has been celibate for four years.


The therapist in her needs to help people and realizes that there is more to life than sex. So when she summons Julian the love slave to her side as a joke, Grace is far too practical to believe in something so silly as a Macedonian love slave and he actually shows up gasp! Saved by Grace indeed. Who knew one would find so many references to cheese, eating cheese and playing with cheese in a smut novel? To be perfectly honest, cheese is one of my favorite things.

Sex Uh, yeah. Sherrilyn Kenyon is a total perv and I love her for it. The voyeur in me was highly satisfied with this arrangement.

And once they finally had at it, I was so happy I cried. But I was very happy for them and was laughing so hard over the last few pages that I was near tears and am pretty sure the other people in the cafeteria were wondering what I was on because I was laughing. But definitely out loud. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. View all 4 comments. Julian, who was the most feared Macedonian general of his time, was betrayed and cursed to be a love slave for all time. Grace is the only one who is able to break this curse.

Grace is always rational, maybe too rational: she tries to find sense even in lust. Sure you could. Hush, self, let me think. But eventually her steadiness saves Julian. She has a strong empathy for him, she understands him, sees him as himself, not only his perfect appearance. She was the first woman to see him.

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She saw inside his soul. I love Julian, I feel so sorry for his sufferings both in his human life and in the immortal one. Despite his incredibly cruel childhood, and past, Julian managed to remain a gentle, caring man. Sherrilyn Kenyon has a special talent to write heart-wrenching lines. She doesn't simply give a description of emotions, but she is also able to make you feel them. Though there is no Dark-Hunter in this novel, Julian will appear in the following books, which is more than welcomed.

Fantasy Lover is a really great start to the Dark-Hunter series.

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View all 28 comments. Jul 29, Maya rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha-h , man-ho , safety-gang-safe , fantasy , favorites , sweet-reads , strong-h , likable-hero , paranormal , hero-over-the-moon-for-h. This is not my first book by this author and I actually started off with this series by reading the sequel of this story. I know, strange, but it worked for me.

I liked the sequel enough to read this story. And I love, love, loved it!!! The story is a mix of greek ancient time, where gods still rulled the world and the present time where the gods sadly still rule but more so in the background. But it's not just gods and myths, there are also some other supernatural beeings that make the plot rea This is not my first book by this author and I actually started off with this series by reading the sequel of this story.

But it's not just gods and myths, there are also some other supernatural beeings that make the plot really interesting. The hero, Julian, is to die for, he's a tortured old soul but with so much love to give. I adore him. The same goes for Grace, she's got such a big heart and loved the way those two found their way to each other.

So sweet!!!

They have to sacrifice to gain but the wait is so worth it. What a wonderful read.