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The title story was awarded a Pushcart Prize. He currently lives and writes in Detroit. Eckleburg Review. His story "Coffee with Mr. She is joining the board of the Association of Carolina Emerging Scholars. He currently lives in east Tennessee with his wife, Margaret, two dogs, and two horses.

He has completed his first novel, From L. He is currently working on his second novel, a story about war, obsession, and the chupacabra. The people have their own language and customs that trace back to the Bantu and Kikongo in West Africa. She has worked for the editorial groups of Hachette Book Group USA, Baylor University Press, Abilene Christian University Press, and Manning Publications, and she is currently researching the social functions and theories of editorial interventions in texts-in-progress.

Since he has served as Writing Coordinator at MURAP, a summer program that prepares outstanding minority undergrads for graduate school in the humanities. She is currently a graduate student in the University of Cincinnati's PhD in creative writing program. Anderson holds a PhD in creative writing from Florida State University, where he worked for two years as an archivist and assistant for Robert Olen Butler. He is an associate professor of English at Catawba College. Naval Institute Press in He writes and directs independent movies and reports for The Daily Beast.

He lives in Houston with his wife and daughter. Natural History Series.

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The former editor and publisher of the organic gardening magazine Homegrown, she blogs at HomegrownTexas. She lives near Austin. Gift Books. The most comprehensive and up-to-date summary of Texas health and health care information available in a single source. Texas Health Atlas Lawrence E.

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At a time when nearly a quarter of the 25 million people who live in Texas do not have health insurance—giving Texas the highest uninsured rate of any state—and as policymakers and legislators struggle with rising costs, an aging citizenry, and the prospect of more uncertainties for the healthcare system in the years ahead, the need for quick access to accurate information is greater than ever.

He has published six books three as author or coauthor; three as editor or coeditor , including Texas Water Atlas with Richard A. She served as production manager for Texas Water Atlas. Medical Ethics and Humanities. It could have been much worse. Bedient If Hurricane Ike had made landfall just fifty miles down the Texas coast, the devastation and death caused by what was already one of the most destructive hurricanes in US history would have quadrupled. Ike made everyone realize just how exposed and vulnerable the Houston-Galveston area is in the face of a major storm.

What is done to address this vulnerability will shape the economic, social, and environmental landscape of the region for decades to come. The center was formed shortly after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Its research examines everything from surge and inland flooding to bridge infrastructure.

Lessons from Hurricane Ike gathers the work of some of the premier researchers in the fields of hurricane prediction and impact, summarizing it in accessible language accompanied by abundant illustrations—not just graphs and charts, but dramatic photos and informative maps. Specializing in surface and groundwater hydrology and flood prediction systems, he has written more than articles and is coauthor of two textbooks.

Coastal Texas. Gulf of Mexico. Environmental History.

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It will have a tremendous and lasting impact on the shrinking landscape of bobwhite quail in Texas and Oklahoma, two of the last strongholds for what is to me the most fascinating and important game bird in North America. This collection of stories recounts the colorful past of the Clear Fork country—the land along the Clear Fork of the Brazos River in presentday Shackelford and Throckmorton counties.

The second focus is on the pioneers—the people who made the Clear Fork country their home and helped to establish its character. Here, combined for the first time, are classic works by two great historians of an earlier era—Rupert N. Richardson and Carl Coke Rister—along with efforts by several noted local writers. Also included is a report from Capt. It has all the elements of a classic western: soldiers, settlers, Indians, outlaws, buffalo hunters, and cowboys.

This is the stuff of which, quite literally, legends were made—not to mention novels, movies, and television shows. Glassell Jr.

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FRED S. Range Management. Line art. Here, Liz Carmack tells the story of Rodeo Austin, a nonprofit enterprise whose face reflects its agricultural heritage but whose scholarship program is at the heart of its mission. Since , when organizers became fully committed to providing college scholarships, millions of dollars have been raised through an annual fundraising effort including a sporting clay tournament, golf tournament, wine tasting and gala.

Over the years, dedication and hard work, an ever expanding cast of participants and volunteers, many benefactors, and changes in name and venue have served the organization well. She runs Liz Carmack Communications www. Agricultural History.

Richard King to consult with the cattle baron about attending to his legal affairs. Published for the first time in this book, the love letters written by Kleberg to Alice Gertrudis King provide a glimpse of the lives of two of the most influential people in Texas history. She lives in Dallas. John B. Line drawing. Borderlands Studies.

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However, in , the first edition of Thomas H. Students and scholars of Mexican American and Hispanic issues and culture, as well as general readers interested in this important aspect of Houston and regional history, will not want to be without this important book. Edited by Randal L. In William Marsh Rice made a generous bequest in order to found the distinguished Houston institution that bears his name.

This captivating tale—full of intrigue, legal twists and turns, and sensational revelations—an important part of the full biography of Rice himself, received its first careful historical investigation by Andrew Forest Muir, a longtime professor of history at Rice University who, beginning in , performed the fundamental research that forms the basis for this biography. Hall, returns this fine biography to print in connection with the celebration of the centennial of the opening of Rice University.

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Rice University students, faculty, staff, and alumni; scholars and students of Houston, Texas, and regional history; and those interested in the history of American higher education will all welcomeWilliam Marsh Rice and His Institute: The Centennial Edition. Mexican American Studies. Ethnic Studies. Structurally, the Clinton presidency expanded the office and responsibilities of the First Lady and the Vice President to an unprecedented degree, prevailed in a budget battle with Congress that included two government shutdowns, briefly employed a line-item veto until the Supreme Court declared that power unconstitutional, and endured the second impeachment of the chief executive in American history.

The evolution and consequences of the increased power held by modern presidents became sharply evident during the Clinton years. In The Clinton Presidency and the Constitutional System, based on the Eleventh Presidential Conference at Hofstra University, readers are afforded a unique combination of scholarly analysis and the perspectives of former administration officials. Students and scholars of the presidency will glean important understandings from the balanced, judicious studies of the Clinton administration and their juxtaposition with firsthand recollections of some of the participants who defined and shaped those events.

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Joseph V. Hughes Jr.

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Hughes Series on the Presidency and Leadership. She has previously coedited four other volumes from the Hofstra University Presidential Conference. Barilleaux and Christopher S. Presidential Studies. Political Science. The Watergate scandal of claimed many casualties, political and otherwise. Along with many personal reputations and careers, Pres.

In the clash of ideologies represented by the Cold War, even the heavens were not immune to militarization. Satellites and space programs became critical elements among the national security objectives of both the United States and the Soviet Union. According to US Presidents and the Militarization of Space, —, three American presidents in succession shared a fundamental objective of preserving space as a weapons-free frontier for the benefit of all humanity.

Sean N. That is what makes this book such a valuable source, especially for young and future scholars who did not get to experience these events firsthand, as Lee did. Indeed, beyond serving as a symbol and ambassador of US technological capability, its satellite program provided the United States with advanced, nonaggressive military intelligence-gathering platforms that proved critical in assessing the strategic nuclear balance between the United States and the Soviet Union. Number Nineteen: Centennial of Flight Series.

Diplomatic History.