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Kathy regards the fowl as her close family, caring for them, cuddling them, watching television together and giving them the run of her home. She is an endearing, slightly comical character, but we never doubt her good intentions or her devotion to her beloved animals. Clearly there are mental health issues here and equally obviously the seemingly mild-mannered, supportive Gary is far from happy with a wife who only has eyes for her animals and a home that is uninhabitable. Members of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary treat Kathy with a degree of respect, and we never lose sympathy for her even as the tone of the film grows darker and more tragic.

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Miron continues to just document what happens but shapes our emotional involvement in the story by juxtaposing the current reality with home movies of happier times when Kathy and Gary were just married, family and friends were welcome, their mobile home was clean and bustled with life. His very promising feature debut remains consistently engrossing through unexpected developments.

A picture that immediately takes its place in the Scorsese canon, and a strong position in the Oscar race. Screen International is the essential resource for the international film industry. Subscribe now for monthly editions, awards season weeklies, access to the Screen International archive and supplements including Stars of Tomorrow and World of Locations. Geological Survey.

ConocoPhillips has been lobbying for more access to currently off-limit areas around Teshekpuk. A female snowy owl lands at its nest as its mate watches, holding a lemming captured for its nestlings. Modern drilling can be done responsibly, to protect wildlife and the people who depend on it, the company claims. Another development to the north also worries Robards and McGuire.

What you can do to stop bird loss in your own backyard - CNN

In a smaller energy company, Caelus Energy, said it had made an enormous oil discovery in Smith Bay, in state waters just one mile offshore of NPR-A. Tapping it would require either a pipeline under the Chukchi Sea, with its risk of a devastating spill, or else a disruptive pipeline on land, close to, or through, Qupaluk. The impacts of energy development on wildlife populations are not straightforward. On the one hand, McGuire said, years of studying nests around the oil pads of Prudhoe Bay had not found a big impact on the ability of shorebirds to successfully hatch young. But development can affect bird populations in other ways, she said.

For instance, road construction changes the hydrology of the tundra. Red foxes, which love to eat bird eggs and which are pushing out arctic foxes on the North Slope, tend to follow roads. Other egg-eaters, including glaucous gulls and ravens, also seem to follow development.

But the scale of development also matters. Development could arrive at a time when climate change is already altering this land. The weather is more variable. The soggy tundra that many of these birds rely on is predicted to dry out. And five species may have no place to go at all, because they are at the limit of their habitat.

This accretion of small pressures can add up, McGuire said. Most days as we walked the tundra, caribou eyed us from the distance, suspicious but also curious. The area around the eponymous lake is home to the 58,animal Teshekpuk herd. They live on the edge, literally and metaphorically. Subsistence hunters from towns such as Nuiqsut and Utqiagvik formerly Barrow kill as many as 4, animals annually for food.

Pregnant females, and those with calves, are known to go out of their way to avoid development. Could these animals, faithful to an area, grow comfortable with pads or pipelines? Pregnant females, and those with calves, shun development. Others have grown more accustomed to it. Clearly some spaces are less used than others, and could be more appropriate for development.

'For The Birds': Sheffield Review

Caribou graze near an oil pipeline outside of Prudhoe Bay. Although the pipelines are raised and are technically crossable, caribou tend to change their migration patterns around these immense obstacles. The lawsuit alleges that the Bureau of Land Management approved a significant expansion of energy exploration in and around the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area and around the village—nearly 70 miles of ice roads, and numerous new exploratory wells and other work—without first undertaking the required environmental studies.

The Art and Adventure of Birding

Some village leaders claim that energy development already is affecting caribou and other wildlife that they rely on. The oil reservoir has shown itself to be logistically challenging to develop, he said. He predicted that, if the management plan for the reserve is changed, the first developments would likely occur just to the south of the lake.

During our stay, Robards and Detwiler counted 35 species of birds. We also saw Arctic fox, lemmings, a grizzly bear, a snowy owl nest full of pink and white chicks. It is still vibrant, healthy, whole. An oil pipeline intersects an access road outside of Prudhoe Bay. Pipelines and roads in this wetland region bring predators to nesting migratory birds.

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Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve, where millions of birds come to nest and raise their young, is now under threat from petroleum development. Read Caption. By Christopher Solomon. Shop now.

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