The Strongest Force in the Universes:LOVE (From $uccess to Significance Book 5)

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He has dementia, while she suffers from increasingly frequent and crippling headaches. With little to no hope of improvement, they embark on an adventure. Along the way, he forgets who and where they are, leading to heartbreak and danger as she struggles to keep him connected to their past and present. Bringing their captivating skill to this twilight pair, Mirren and Sutherland capitalize on a great premise to make a clunky screenplay watchable. The extraterrestrials hunt noisy humans by sound, but this family includes a deaf daughter, so its members know sign language.

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Based on a true story, Birdman of Alcatraz stars Burt Lancaster as Robert Stroud, a federal prisoner for nearly all his life. His hardness and hostility softens, his humanity is recovered, through raising a menagerie of birds in his cell.

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Even the reformers are shown to be blind. The Mayan calendar predicted apocalypse on Dec. In Curse of the Mayans, the end began on that date with the emergence of evil entities from the Pleiades entombed in an underwater labyrinth. Working with a modest budget, Mexican director Joaquin Rodriguez follows a Hispanic team of explorers led by an arrogant American archeologist. In real life, the setting for The Phantom of the Opera is a venue for performances each year of music and dance.

The Paris Opera is edited in a musically flowing rhythm. Wisely, Bron picks a protagonist, a young Russian newbie, and follows him through a performance season. A teenager in s France, Joan of Arc, guided by voices, rallied her people against the English usurpers and commanded a victorious army. She was centuries ahead of her time. Some will also remember this Technicolor version starring Ingrid Bergman as Joan.

She is what holds up best: her face expressing fervor, prayerfulness, anguish and determination. Soon to celebrate its first anniversary, the venue is making a big impact. My kid could do it! This is a knockout with historic and contemporary punches. Quality always aces quantity; for instance, check out the quality in the swoozy marks made by artist, Claudette Lee-Roseland in! UW-Madison is heavily represented. So, what is abstraction? Since the Trek Bicycle Corporation has manufactured bikes for various terrains—mountains, roads, even the South Pole—winning a sterling reputation along the way.

Daniel Gerhartz is an unreconstructed traditionalist, frighteningly proficient in the Realism that was in vogue in the 19th century; so proficient, that if he were diabolical in character, he could make an illicit living forging works of painters past.


All three exhibitions open with a reception from p. Each exhibition also features an artist discussion and other supplementary events. Visit wisconsinart. Fifth St. Comics, beadwork, clay and mixed media are featured alongside paintings, films and photographs. What if robotics claims hundreds of millions of jobs across the world?

Nigel M. As always, new jobs will be created by new technology, but this time, how many? The point of his book is that we need to prepare for the possibility of serious, even dangerous changes. Photographer Garry Winogrand died relatively young in at age 56, leaving behind a large body of work documenting the small details of American and occasionally European life.

Dave Watson knows differently. The Madison writer lived there as the new millennium began, pursuing love, commerce and higher education.

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He recounts his experiences in Walkabout Undone: A Memoir. Very few, without a personal connection, go back to Australia. Living as opposed even to staying somewhere brings other truths to light. The one technique through the writing process I had to employ was keeping in mind that not everything that happens to you is interesting.

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A sharp, imaginative and profound examination of the choices women face on their journey to success. Prospect Ave. Chai Point offers independent and assisted living through individualized supportive care programs. Off The Cuff spoke with its executive director, Trish Cohn. What initially interested you in implementing an artist-inresidence program at Ovation Chai Point? Anne Basting, the UWM professor in charge of this initiative, and I really wanted a way that intergenerational communication and cohabitation would become the norm with aging. It is such a joyous program and something I am very proud of.

We need to break down those barriers. How does this program align with the mission of Ovation Chai Point? Our mission is really to provide our Jewish community with the services that enable our seniors to be part of a quality Jewish environment with comfort, meaning, independence and dignity. This program aligns well with our mission because everything that those students do is guided by those principles.

The artists join us in our mission. They know that when they come aboard. I have to tell you that the artists and residents would say that they feel very positive about it. It really encourages these young people to connect and reflect on what can happen as someone ages. This is a very life-living place. For more information on this program and other services offered by Ovation Chai Point, visit ovation. What does your selection process look like for the student artist?

Right now, we only take one student a year. How it works is, people have to apply at UWM for the program. This partnership has to be a match for both the student and the residents at Ovation Chai Point. What expectations do you have for the artist and their contributions?

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My expectations for the artists are that they do one workshop a month for us, open to all residents. They will also have studio hours here and they are required to have at least two meals a week here. I want them to build relationships with the residents. This program is one of the greatest things to boost their own self-esteem and to provide leadership skills for them, a tool for them in the future.

What are your future goals for the student artist-in-residence program?

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That eventually I would get more students in. I would like more workshops with music students, history students. Many of these. Stop, collaborate and listen Clark St. The dance party starts at 10 p. I told him I was gay, and he got this sort of happy,! If the two of you are hitting it off, simply invite him out. Get to know him a bit better as a friend before you cast your line into his man pool.

Did you hear that Craigslist put an end to their personals? No more Craigslist hook-ups for me! I refuse to pay for a hookup app.

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Free Willie and white knuckle it, sugar. Join the p. National Ave. Those in toga or Roman Empire gear receive free raffle tickets, but everyone can take advantage of the popular beer bust during the p. The team at Cream City Foundation offers up experts to explain the revisions to you and help with your estate planning.

The p. Swing by, make new connections, meet smiling faces and start your day on the bright side of the rainbow. Want to share an event with Ruthie? Need her advice?