The Writing On The Water

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Thicker Than Water: New writing from the Caribbean

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Thicker Than Water: New writing from the Caribbean

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    Videos: Art. He has a series of experiences where—it starts with him almost going to be like his [white] father. I think all the time about how she described the Mississippi River —how it was straightened out to make room for homes, but the water remembers. Water plays such an important role in this book.

    What did it mean for you? Coates: For me it really came out of the research. It came out of the folklore. All these old stories of enslaved black people, us literally coming from the water, like coming across the Atlantic. The water brought us here. Water gotta take us home.

    Gin Wigmore - Written In The Water Die Regardless (Official Video)

    I was talking to [my wife] Kenyatta about this when I started doing the research on the dancing. The first time I came across the water dance, and this idea of holding the vessel of water on your head and the first person that spills a drop loses—for some reason, that took me back to these old stories of black folks who would leap in the water during the transatlantic slave trade.

    Giorgis: The book so clearly emphasizes the power—and limits—of memory.